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Welcome to HipHop Trade!

    HipHop Trade is an internet based company with a long history and good reputation. We have a group of skilled individuals with years of experience in providing excellent internet customer service. Because of the extensive connections with factories in Asia and experience with products, we are able to offer shoes,clothing,bags,caps and other high quality products of the best quality you can ever find in the world.
    HipHop Trade only provides the top quality product. Furthermore, we do offer refunds. The item must be returned to us/received within 7 days from the official delivery confirmation date. All products will undergo an inspection before they are sent to our customers to ensure the quality. Our company is always willing to provide best value for our customers.
     We will constantly supply excellent  goods to meet oversea people's requirement
For us,this is not only a business operation but also the meaning of living.
we will try our best to spread out this kind of culture.and we promise will nerver have a buyer lost money.buyers' satisfaction is our great success.

    Buy from us now if you want to get the best quality products in the world

             Company name : HipHop Trade
             Establishes :2002
             Main business: hiphop,clothing,shoes,jewelry, bag,watches,caps trade and oem manufacture!
             Business area:worldwide
             Email: hiphoptrade@yahoo.com

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